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The Evolution of All Things In Place.

The gifted master organizer and founder of ATIP, Ty Edwards is the person friends, family, and co-workers contact when they need to get organized. One day her pastor suggested starting her own business and that inspiration allowed her to believe she could actually get paid for doing something she loved! While mentoring with another organizer for almost a year, she conceived and executed her plan to start a business, and in April, 2007, All Things In Place was born! If you're ready to get organized, request a quote or call today!

Although organizing is Ty’s passion, her knowledge, skills, and abilities, and most importantly, her confidence as an organizer comes from work and volunteer experience:

  • As an ex-military wife and being involved in both, overseas and stateside moves, Ty learned how to organize stress-free moves, even with a young toddler underfoot! Additionally, she discovered she was able to make the most out of minimal spaces, a common problem for Americans living overseas!
  • 13 years as a volunteer in the Girl Scout organization, offered her opportunities to utilize skills of organization. As troop leader, not only did Ty plan weekly troop meetings and activities; but she also planned and organized three meetings with troop parents a year, field trips (day and out-of-town), camping trips, fundraisers, and service unit social events. She also kept records on each girl’s individual accomplishments. These activities and events all took place while she worked full-time and attended school part-time!
  • 20 years of federal service with three agencies (Department of Defense, Labor, and Treasury) as an administrative assistant taught Ty how to manage and maintain continuity within an office. Additionally, by working on various committees, she continuously earns opportunities to sharpen her skills as a planner for fundraisers and morale boosting events!
  • Ty graduated from Bishop Hogan High School in 1981. She returned to school in 1995 and after five years of hard work and commitment, in 2000, she earned her B.A. in Communication Arts: Human Relations from Park University, in Parkville, MO.
  • Serious about her Christian walk, Ty is also very involved at her church, Christ Temple North, in Gladstone, MO. She serves as a deaconess, sings on the praise team, and teaches a pre-school class. She also helps keep the church’s food pantry organized and inventoried. At the end of the summer, Ty also organizes an annual cookout for the entire church!


Home Organization

Married since 2000, Ty and Wesley Edwards share their “empty-nest” with their four-legged children, Jackson, a Shih Tzu and Ashley, a grey tabby! Between the two of them they have four adult children. When Ty is not working, she enjoys reading, watching TV, or surfing the Internet. With her husband, she uses her organizing skills to assist with his business, Transitions Photography. She also enjoys going to the movies and attending college and professional football games!

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