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Your journey to a more organized life begins with an assessment visit. The visit generally takes about 60-90 minutes. During this time together, we analyze your space and discuss the areas you feel are not working for you. We'll address specific problem areas and work on what you hope to create.

Once a person becomes unorganized, sometimes it can be difficult to determine how to find the way back to restoring organization.  Let’s walk through our simple process:
1. Contact All Things In Place.   If you are not sure if you need an organizer, take an opportunity to consult with me and tell me what you believe to be your problem.  If after our consultation we determine you could further use my assistance, we will schedule an in-home assessment visit.
2. The Assessment Visit.  During this 60-90 minute, I will tour your space with you and we’ll discuss what you want to see happen for it.  This can be an eye opening experience for the client, because it is also during this stage that the client realizes how much work the organization project can be.  But if the client is ready to regain control of his or her life, it will be an easy decision.  
After our tour, I will give you my best estimate as to how long this project will take, however it can be longer or shorter, depending upon how long it takes to go through the sorting process.  We’ll draft up a working agreement, select a package of hours, then we’ll schedule our appointments!   
In addition to my services, it may be necessary to purchase organization products.  Any products (shelving, containers, etc.) needed to complete the projects will be at the expense of the client.  All Things In Place can purchase these items for you at cost, with no additional mark-up or we can make a list together and you can purchase them yourself. 
3. We roll up our sleeves and get busy!  We will meet as often as agreed upon.  I will work with you and it is my hope that by working together, I will be able to transfer my skills and knowledge to help you to possibly change your perception to understand the importance of organization.
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