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"As far as I'm concerned, you were the blessing I was praying for!

Closet Organization SystemThank you for your patience, professionalism, loyalty, encouragement and friendship. You did it! I wasn't sure we would accomplish the job, but you were the inspiration! We do not want to lose contact and I will recommend you highly! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have a gift."

- Carol, Kansas City, MO

"All Things In Place's services were concluded in a few hours and Ty did a great job!

I had the pleasure to consult with Ty for organizational help after my husband and I bought our first house in April 2001. I had also given birth to my daughter in March 2001. I seriously needed help unpacking and setting up my kitchen. Ty offered her services of cleaning the countertops; unpacking, organizing, and storing the kitchenware in the various cabinets. She suggested a system that would give easy access to each item in the kitchen. This included storage of pots and pans in the lower compartments of the cabinet. Ty's service were concluded in a few hours and she did a great job! I would recommend Ty to all of my friends, and I would certainly do business with ATIP in the future!

-TYW, Kansas City, MO

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"I seriously needed help with my kitchen! In a few hours ATIP set up a new easy access kitchen organization system!"

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